August 16, 2013

Teachers Pay Teachers Back-to-School Sale!

WOOT! It's finally here! The long-awaited, super-secret (until now) Teacher's Pay Teacher's Back-to-School Sale!! 

For two days only, TpT is making their entire site 10% off....and I'm sweetening the deal by giving you another 20% off my whole store. That comes to a whopping 28% off every. single. one. of my  products!

Get a head start by putting items in your wishlist now. You can use the code BTS13 on August 18 or 19 to get 28% off.

Here are just a few items you might be interested in:



Don't forget to enter my back-to-school MEGA GIVEAWAY. Most of the items you see above are included in the back-to-school bundle!

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