September 5, 2013

Fall Preschool Packs

Looking for some fall activities for your preschool or Kindergarten class? I've got two SuperPacks that might be just the right fit:


Product Description
48 pages of Fall or Pumpkin activities for your Preschool or Kindergarten class!
Colorful, hands-on activities and worksheets teach math, writing, and critical thinking.

Activities range from a beginners level to a more advanced level and are appropriate for ages 3-6

Ways to use this packet: 
- Individual student packets
- Project on Smartboard or overhead for a whole class activity
- Create centers with each activity
- Small group setting or remediation
- Send home with parents (who request additional practice or whose child needs extra help)
- Create ‘busy bags’ for students who finish early
- During whole group or circle time
- Follow-up activities for a picture book with a similar theme

Language Art Skills Covered:- word writing practice (some pages provide the letters to trace, some just provide lines to write on)
- letter writing practice (trace letters)
- letter sounds
- word flashcards
- letter hunting (finding and circling the letter in a story)
- prewriting (tracing lines)
- Beginning sounds
- building words using letters
- lower case letter
- capital letters.

Math / Science Skills Covered:- patterns
- bar graphs
- sequencing
- number order (some activities are 1-10, some are 1-20)
- shape/shadow matching
- color matching (includes color word cards)
- picture sorting
- Counting
- Size sorts (small, medium, large)
- matching written numbers and numeric number (ex: one and 1)

Motor Skills Covered:- using scissors / cutting
- Lacing card (use with yarn to practice lacing)

This packet includes a detailed teacher instruction page to help you implement each worksheet and activity, as well as a cover page if used as individual student packets.

Purchase these packets in a bundle and receive 33% off the price of each one:

I also have a series of packs for each letter of the alphabet:

To find out more about this product, you can visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store or my Teacher's Notebook store.

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