September 12, 2013

Super Teacher Tip #3: Use Fabric On Bulletin Boards

Use fabric on your bulletin boards to make them last longer- also, doesn't show holes!  This tips was awesome for me! I went to good 'ole Wally World before my first year of teaching and bought whatever brightly colored fabric they had on sale. I ended up with yellow and teal for $1 a yard! Woot!

I used those same pieces of fabric for all of my boards for five straight years. In fact, they are still sitting in my fabric box today and have been made into many random Halloween costumes (that my poor children have been forced to wear. Here are the Pinterest pins that inspired the yellow chick, superhero, bag of money, and Yoshi...just to name a few! So yes, I am that parent. The one with the yellow chick toddler glaring at her from under a feather-covered hat.)

The fabric doesn't fade (at least not so much you usually notice) and it doesn't show holes from push pins or staples. Make your bulletin boards last even longer by using wide ribbon as your boarder.

Want to make great bulletin boards even easier to achieve? Check out these ideas for creating a year-round bulletin board. Put it up once and make little changes throughout the year! Here's a little sneak-peek at what you will find there:

Do you have any great bulletin board tips that have worked for you?
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  2. I also love how much easier it is to put up. Using that horrible paper from the giant roll in the teacher's lounge is a two-teacher job, unless you want it to be mangled and rumpled. Fabric can be easily done by yourself.

    I'm hosting a teacher linky party, "Better Together," this week. I'd for you to join us!


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