October 9, 2013

Toys That Get Kids Moving!

As a teacher, I'd often get asked about certain 'kid products' and whether or not they had any educational value. Now that I'm also a parent, I am always on the search for a fun toy or gift that will help my children develop healthy bodies and minds. 

I decided to put together a list of toys that encourage kids to learn, grow, and explore the world around them (and boy, did I have fun choosing my top ones!). 

Each week, I will share one of these lists:

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1. Foldable Forts and TunnelsWe have a relatively small house, so any toy that allows my kids to get energy out, while not taking up a lot of storage space is considered gold! We have three foldable tents and two tunnels...and all of that fits easily under our couch when not in use. LOVE! These have been a hit with kids ages 1-10 in our house, so I can see us keeping them for years to come.
2. PlasmaCarI have a special place in my heart for toys that don't require batteries or plugs of any kind. This kid-powered car has won multiple awards for it's design and appeal.

3. Foam Playground Balls- These balls are the kind they use in official dodgeball games. The genius of these balls is that they are 'sting-free' and super durable so kids can throw, bounce, and play rough with them without hurting their friends (or ripping the ball). They are lightweight for little hands and still have some bounce to them. (The balls shown in the graphic above are similar to these and are called Gopher Balls.)

4. Razor Rip-Rider 360My son would go cra-zay if I brought this bike home! The style of the back wheels allows this bike to be spun and twisted all over the road- making it fun for big kids too! Parents Magazine hailed this toy as a Top Toy of the Year.

5. Monster Feet- These stompers are such a simple idea, but they provide hours of exhausting fun! (And don't you just love the expression on this little boy's face?!)

6. Balance Board- This fun toy helps children with their coordination skills while giving them an 'indoor way' to release a lot of energy. There are many other options available for older children as well.

7. Huge Indoor / Outdoor Balls- Isn't it funny that all you have to do is make something super tiny or something mega-huge and kids just go wild for it? Do you remember those big canvas balls in gym class that we'd play crab ball with? That's what these massively gigantic balls remind me of.

8. ParachuteEndless hours of fun could be had with these colorful parachutes! Throw a few balls in the middle and you've just taken it to the next level.

9. Scooter BoardsThese boards could be the foundation of a scooter soccer game...a 'taxi; for transporting friends...a race car...a wagon that carries all your tools for your latest adventure....the options are endless!
10. Foam Pogo JumperWhat I love about these pogo jumpers is that they can be used inside, without damaging the floor. Have a rainy day and a child just itching to move? This would be the perfect solution!

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Many of you are teachers or parents...do you have a toy you'd recommend that encourages active play?

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