November 12, 2013

Amazon Gift Cards: The EASY Gift!

The teaching profession has a lot of great perks...but the salary is not usually one of them. Through the years, I've learned some tips and tricks that have helped me stretch my teacher's salary, all while working around my busy teaching schedule. During this series, I will be sharing them with you! 

Sometimes the very best budget-saving tips are less about saving cash and more about saving our precious time, needless hassle and resources. This tip would fall into that category.

As I was thinking about the (rapidly) approaching Christmas season, I started freaking out thinking about all the gift shopping that I needed to find time to do. It never fails that every year I always have that ONE person that I can't seem to find the perfect gift for. I think and think about what to get them, then look at the calendar and realize that it's the 23rd already!

What's a budget-conscious, totally over-scheduled girl to do? Why, turn to Amazon of course! I discovered a perfectly lovely little tip about their site a few years ago that has saved me from the last-minute gift-giving woes:

Amazon's gift cards ship free and arrive in your mailbox the very next day! Not only that, but they come complete with a card and envelope. They range from $10-$2000 ($2000!!), so they can be used for small gifts too. Take this one step further and they will allow you to send the card directly to the recipient or give the immediate gift of an egift card sent straight to their inbox.

The great thing about Amazon is that there are very few people who don't use it to shop at least once a year and you can get just about anything your little heart desires (don't believe me? Just check out this listing ...and this one ...and this one).

I've used these gift cards for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, teacher gifts, etc. Love! I have also been the extremely satisfied recipient of these little babies. ;)

Here's a great little time-saving tip: grab a few gift cards just to keep on hand (they don't expire) and you have an instant arsenal of gifts-on-the-go. If you don't end up using them, just save them for the next time you find that can't-beat-it-gotta-have-it Amazon deal.

Have you ever used Amazon gift cards before? Do you have any time or money-saving tips that we could use this Christmas?

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