December 3, 2013

Super Teacher Tip #8: Nail Polish Removes Marker

Use nail polish remover to take permanent marker off plastic or laminated items. You can read here about my love for nail polish remover and how it allowed me to reuse plastic and laminated items over and over again- even after writing children's names in permanent marker on them.

So many of my readers shared other fantastic ways to remove permanent markers, so I thought I'd share them here:
  • "white board/ dry erase marker... just color over the permanent marker than wipe clean with a tissue or wipe."
  • "Magic eraser (even the walmart brand/version) will remove markers from anything. My kids (at home) get into my sharpie stash all the time!!"
  • "Rubbing Alcohol. I know it works for Sharpies every time."
Don't forget to check out the amazing things you can do when you pair this tip with using floor tape in your classroom!

Have you ever used this tip in your room?

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