February 13, 2014

New Year's Goal #7: Accept my students' help

Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at eight small changes we can make today in our classroom that will make this new year the best one yet! 

Accept your students' help. We have a classroom full of eager little helpers, so it's time to start letting them be your teacher's aide here and there. I can remember being in 4th grade and being SO THRILLED when my teacher asked me to staple a set of packets together for each student while we were waiting for the second bus load to be called. (Yup. I was that student. The one that got overly excited when I was allowed to sort, file, or staple. Don't judge...if you are a teacher, there's a 99.7% chance you were just like me when you were in fourth grade.) ;) 


Since I've already tackled this whole idea during our Summer Challenge series, I am going to just do a little twirl and point you in the direction of that post.


Make a list of the things you currently do that your little helpers could assist you with. 

Create a spot where you can set packets that need to be stapled, papers that need to be filed, or other mini-projects that students can help you with. When you find yourself with a few down minutes, see if any students want to help you complete those tasks. 

How do you allow students to help you in your room?
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Here are the goals we've done in this series:

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