February 6, 2014

New Year's Goal #6: Problem-solve one area

Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at eight small changes we can make today in our classroom that will make this new year the best one yet! 

Problem-solve 1 area. Every teacher has that spot in his or her room or that moment in their day that just makes them cringe. A corner that is always cluttered, a transition that always seems out of control.

Answer these questions to help point you toward a problem area you might want to fix:

1. What part of my day do I consistently dread the most? What about that moment do I dread and can I do anything to change this? (If it's the morning check out these ideas for creating a calm morning routine.)

2. What part of our day always seems to create an opportunity for my kids to get out of control? What structure could I create in that moment to help them stay focused? (Is this dismissal time? Check out these tips to take control of that part of your day.)

3. What area of my room isn't functioning as efficiently as it could or just isn't looking as cheery and organized as it could? Do I need a new system for organizing the objects that live in that area?


Look around your room or go over your schedule and identify one problem area that you could tackle this week.

Carve out some time to brainstorm a solution to implement or to organize an area of your room.

What problem areas do you have in your room?
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Here are the goals we've done in this series:

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