April 30, 2013

Monthly Rewind: April 2013

April was a great month in our house- I just love the spring season. I hope you had a great one too! Here are some of the fun things that happened on our little blog this month:

Friday Freebies: This month, we found lots of great free resources, like multiplication worksheets, an Earth Day pack, summer bulletin board printables, and contraction worksheets.

Creative Writing Ideas (Grades 3-5) explored fun ways to get kids excited about the writing process.

The Menu Planning post showed teachers how planning out our meals can benefit our busy school-year schedule.

Field Trip Tips gave us ideas for surviving the bus ride to and from our destination. 

Avoiding Gossip at Work was a list of strategies for staying out of the drama that comes with working in a school.

Before & After Classroom Makeovers showed us some super-cute ways we could transform our own rooms. Teachers decorated with table centerpieces and items that coordinated with their color scheme.

I introduced you to one of my new products (and gave away a few of them too!- oooh, that reminds me...if you haven't checked out this week's giveaway go HERE): 

Name Card Organizer showed us how to create magnetic student 'credit cards' that can be used in a bunch of different ways around your room.
Easy Ways to Get Students' Attention highlighted some quick and simple tricks to quiet the class- no yelling required!

Polka Dot Classroom Theme and Owl Classroom Theme showed us oodles of cute ideas for decorating our classrooms and creating bulletin boards around these themes.

How To Save Money (using multiple savings accounts) showed us how teachers can save towards a specific goal (or goals!) using a hands-free account. 

Create Your Own Rubrics highlighted a very useful site for teachers. 

Make Your Own Laundry Detergent showed us a simple way to save money without adding much to our teacher to-do list. 

It's been a fun month! Join us in May for the start of our Summer Challenge 2013 and of course, more great teaching tips!

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