January 22, 2014

10 Great Classroom Management Tips

Here's a round-up of a bunch of great classroom management tips just in time for a brand spankin' new semester! Enjoy!

10 Classroom Management Tips

Free and Easy Rewards for Students: A list of simple, positive reward ideas that won't break the bank or constantly have you dipping into the candy jar.

Easy Ways to Get Students' Attention (without yelling!): We all know that teacher. The one who is constantly yelling at her kids...and getting nowhere. This article shares some useful tips for quieting your class, without resorting to yelling.

Magnetic Name Cards(Love this!) These nifty little 'credit cards' are so handy to have in your classroom. Check out all the ways this article recommends you use them.

The Essential 55 by Ron Clark: An inspiring book that will encourage you to strive to be the best teacher you can be. I love Ron's approach to instilling character values in his students.


Use 3x5 Cards In Your Classroom: This article looks at the many ways you can use this common classroom staple to successfully manage your room.

The 3-Minute Daily Classroom Clean-Up: Never have a messy classroom again! Just use this fun and short daily routine to keep your room spic 'n span.

Using Floor Tape In Your Classroom: My. Favorite. Product. Ever. In this post, I shared all the awesome-sauce ways I found to use this tape in my room. Don't forget to check out the comments from my resourceful readers- they've found some creative uses for it that I would never have thought of. 

Using Music In Your Classroom: (#1: Starting the day off in a calm way.) This simple little fix is sure to improve the beginning of your day- and your student's attitude!

Parent Handbook: Create your own parent handbook using this template. This handbook puts all the information you want parents to know in one place. 

Use Bath Mats for Circle Time: Use this easy trick for large group or small group time to have keep students sitting still and staying in their own 'personal space.'

It's Your Turn to Share: What is a good classroom management tip or trick that's worked for you?

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