July 19, 2014

8 Classroom Makeovers YOU Can Do!

Paperwork? No.

Staff meetings? Uh-uh.

No raise (again!) Don't even get me started.

...There are a lot of things about teaching that are just. not. fun. BUT one part that is truly enjoyable? Decorating our rooms! I mean, how many of us have gotten sucked into the Pinterest vortex after seeing one picture of someone else's uber cute room?

Can  I get an Amen?!

To help you get a little inspiration for sprucing up your room on a eensy-weensy teacher's budget, I've rounded up a few of the fun classroom makeover ideas we've featured here on YTA.

Take a peek...

8 Classroom makeover YOU Can do too:
(Click on each picture to see more details)

1. Make a reading corner using old pallets or scrap wood:


2. Create a colorful and organized library or resource area:


3. Create an accent wall with paint (or contact paper):


4. Create a bulletin board display area from a blank wall (with just poster board and duct tape):


5. Give each table a simple centerpiece to create welcoming groups:


6. Use simple, bright  colors to create a cheerful environment:


7. Make a cute organizer with scrapbook paper and labels: 


8. Add fabric and ribbon to a reading table:


What creative, low-cost ideas have you used to decorate your room?

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