March 7, 2014

Friday Flashback: March 2014

I thought it might be fun every once in a while to take a look back of some of the posts we highlighted during this month in year's past. Here's a few fun ones you might want to check out:

We talked about how to use your freezer to stretch your teacher's budget and shared some lunch and dinner ideas:

Indoor Recess Games was a fun post that helped us keep those rainy day recesses under control!

Spring Picture Books to Read Aloud gave us a list of quality picture books full of flowers, birds, and other springy-goodness (now, if only we could start seeing a little of that outside our own windows!) 

Here are some Before & After Classroom Makeovers that inspired us to brighten up our own room:

We also highlighted a few fun Spring preschool products:


Free and Easy Rewards for Students helped us brainstorm ideas for rewards that motivate without breaking our (tiny) teaching budget.

150 Children's Books that were Turned into Movies is hopefully a resource you can use to reinforce reading in your classroom or at home with your kids. 

Smooth Dismissal Routine was a post where I showed you what works for me when it comes to developing an end-of-the day routine.

Morning Classroom Routine gave us ideas on how to start our day off in a calm and peaceful way.

Whew! That should just about do it, huh? :) I hope you all are having a great start to your March and that the last stretch of the school year goes smoothly. See you back here next time! 

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