September 4, 2013

Monthly Rewind: August 2013

August always felt like two separate months to me: The calm, lazy days of summer that make up the beginning of the month....and the often-stressful-sometimes-exciting rush that comes with going back to work during the last few weeks. 

I have an idea! I propose that all schools in the universe should go back in session in mid-September...nay! Mid-October. Yes, that would be lovely. Hmm...if only I ran the world.

Back on topic: Here are some other things that were happening around YTA this month while the world was run by someone other than me:

First Day of School Activities Series: We discovered all these fun things you could do on the first day of school:

I shared a few of my products that you might be interested in as we are going back-to-school: 


Then I gave a bunch of them away when my Facebook page hit 1000 likes! (Woo hoo!!)  

Using Music in the Classroom Series concluded with this helpful idea:

The Pinterest Inspired Classroom showed us an ingenious idea for sorting our classroom library by reading level. Just assign each level a different color!

(Source Unknown- The link on Pinterest didn't lead anywhere. If you know the owner of this picture, please let me know so I can give credit to their genius!)

Level It is an app that gives you a book's reading level when you use your phone to scan the barcodes on the books in your classroom library. Cool, huh?

Star Classroom Theme gave you some fun, new ideas for creating a star theme in your room.

Our R.A.K. (Random Act of Kindness) Club got a new mission this month: Wash your principal's car. Want more R.A.K. ideas? See the mission ideas for past months here.

And to top it all off....Super Teacher Tips was kicked off with this great little number:

It's been a busy month! Join us in Septembr for more great tips, rsources, and a little teacher humor along the way!

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